About Mixpanel Engineering

At Mixpanel, our mission is to help the world learn from its data.

The engineering team spends each day working toward this goal, building powerful tools that help companies understand how people use the things they build.

This blog is where we write about the engineering challenges we face and the problems we solve. We want to let you get to know us–and hopefully we can solve a problem you have!

Our engineering culture

  • We do very thorough, line-by-line code reviews using GitHub pull requests. This keeps our code quality high and helps us learn.
  • We try to have at least two people work together on every project (collaborating, not pairing). It’s more fun and it results in better code.
  • We practice rapid iteration. If it’s better than live, we ship. We also build things so they can go live (whitelisted) long before launch day.
  • We write tests for things that are mission-critical, prone to failure, or cause paranoia. Think billing and datastore code, not Django views.
  • We are 80% vim, 10% emacs, and 10% IntelliJ.

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